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Knowledge Generation at the Edge

Founded in 2016-08-17, Rahbar Andishan Sanat Rad Company, holding Reg.NO: 496938 at Iran Company Registration Organization, came into existence to exploit the cutting-edge knowledge, achievements and discoveries in the realm of science and technology to elevate productivity, awareness and skills of organizations, managers and the staff regardless what the scope of their activity would be. Enjoying a systematic approach and taking advantage of the latest international standards, Rahbar Andishan Sanat Rad Company has made a tremendous endeavor to improve the level of standards among a wide range of companies and organizations, both private and public, and spares no effort to be unique in its nature through launching and running training courses and/or providing consultations to those industrial and business enterprises seeking development in their fields of activities.

Providing consulting meetings and training sessions concerned with quality management systems and integration, ISO…

Providing consulting meetings and training courses in the realm of developing strategic document.

Providing advice meetings and training courses so that our customers can achieve the CE Mark as per the new requirements of MDR, IVDR

Providing consulting meetings and training sessions to establish standards and requirements in the field of health and treatment, food industry, automobile and so forth.

Developing national standards with the cooperation of related institutions in the framework of mutual projects.


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The secret beyond companies long-run survive in their best stance falls on being trained perpetually and staying on the track toward seizing the state-of-the-art knowledge and skills.

Rahman Aqabarari, PhD
Founder of RAD Company